I Made $500 by Creating an App in an Evening Without Coding (+Proof)

Making money online/passive income posts have been all over the place both on Medium and on Reddit.

4 min readJan 9

I have already shared a similar story where I explain (in some detail since it was a long time ago) how I made $1000 by creating a Mobile Game without any coding.

This time I will go over how I made $500 through a useful app I created a long time ago in just ONE evening, WITHOUT coding.

Bear in mind that when I say a long time ago I mean A LONG time ago. So long that Google or Apple hadn’t introduced this little feature that seemed revolutionary when I made it. This is something to keep in mind and you’ll see why soon.

A little bit about my background.

I was a college student, who wanted to make some extra money (possibly a passive income stream as well) at the time. I studied to become a doctor but knew some coding (mainly Python, HTML, and Javascript). However, I used 0 of them.

What did I make?

I made an app that tells you where you parked your car.

How did it do that?

It used the Google Maps API to show you your location. Back then that was revolutionary, how could I make it happen? Initially, I made a button that when clicked would save your location, and afterward, I made a second button that, also when clicked, would pin you to the location you saved.

The screenshots from the Google Play Store

The crazy part?

I made it with ZERO coding using the website Thunkable. No, I’m not sponsored by Thunkable but I would love to:)

Some “blocks” are Used To Create a Random App I Found

What is Thunkable?

Thunkable is a website where you can build mobile apps without coding, simply by creating the logic behind the app using blocks. You simply drag and drop the elements you want to create the UI (User Interface) and then play around with the “blocks” to determine how the app will function. It allows for the use of APIs (application…